Ok so I went to the store to get some sweets and came home with some 90% cocoa.  Well after taking the first bite of this stuff my craving was gone because this thing was gross.  I should of bought the 72% cocoa bar cause I know that tastes good to me. Well after last night I realized that I need to figure something else out for when my sweet tooth kicks in. So any suggestions for what I might be able to do during these cravings would be nice.   I plan on exercising when I get a craving,  bodyweight only exercises.  Alright I've made it half way through the week and I already feel pretty good about these changes.  I've went to the give did my Lift Heavy Things routine and my HIIT routine, and also walked at the Battlefield Mall for an hour.  Today for my walking we plan on going out to the Nature Center and walking there for an hour or more.  For dinner tonight I will be making the chili for the Primal Cookbook,  and I will post a picture of it on the photo gallery page later.

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