Well to start off my journey into the Primal lifestyle I purchased a cookbook published by Primal Blueprint Publishing, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.  I will be using this cookbook to prepare new recipes in the craft of the 21st century Hunter Gatherer. I have also purchased and installed a few apps for my android phone, Fast Paleo (over 2000 recipes), and Primal Paleo. I will be purchasing my food from many sources,  Walmart, Mama Jeans, Dillons, Spring Valley, and the Farmers Market, a few of these stores can only be found in my home town. If you would like to find a place to shop in your home town just look up on google Organic Grocers, or find out if you have a farmers market that host local  A few of the hardest things that will be tough to give up will be cheese, milk, and sweets. I am writing this blog to hold me accountable for my actions. My wife is pregnant and she will be doing this diet as well but with some slight modifications, Organic Dairy products, and a slightly easier exercise routine.  To keep track of my workout routine I am using the Google Play App Jefit Pro.  I don't consider myself overweight, but I could be healthier with what I eat and do for my life choices. I will update this blog every chance I get.

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