So far all the meals that we have planned have been awesome, probably cause its all organic and the flavors are all they way that they should be.
Not sure if I mentioned this before but I had started to take Jui Jitsu and Krav Maga classes as part of my sprinting, yes this is more cardio than what is supposed to be done on the Primal Blueprint, but for me I have been exercising and exercising for years now and working out 2 days a week at the gym and 3 days with Martial Arts is very relaxed compared to what I was doing before.  So this is much easier on my body than normal.  Plus I feel that the training in the grappling martial arts uses muscles that Grok would normally use in say an attack or just playing around with your kids or family member, i.e. wrestling around/horseplay.
I still feel awesome and am thinking more clear, but because of my busy lifestyle and work schedule it is hard to get 8 hours of sleep every night.  On the nights that I don't get 8 hours of sleep, I try to get a nap, but most those days I am full of energy and can't sleep anyways. 
A few things that Grok didn't do that I do today, I donate plasma twice a week. This can be taxing on the body, but since I have been eating the Primal Blueprint way, I drink way more water and am eating healthier foods.  My plasma donations have gone much quicker than before and my plasma has looked healthier.  I also am a worker at a Plasma donations center and one of the things that we are told to recommend to people is to avoid fatty foods.  Well on this diet I have not done this and my plasma has looked amazing.  So the problem isn't the fatty foods its the processed fatty foods that are contributing to the cloudy plasma. 
I am still reading the Primal Blueprint, I am currently on Chapter 4 of the book, and I believe that most of what I am reading seems logical.  Because I have taken several molecular chemistry and molecular biology classes most of what Mark is saying in this book is somewhat familiar territory for me.  I will continue to read the book and hopefully continue on to the next book that I have from Mark, The Primal Connection.
Well to all those that are reading I will write more often if you post comments under my blog pieces, this will encourage me to do more and post more about my findings.

For the last week I have been successful at almost completely adhering to the primal blueprint diet plan.  The food has been amazing, but because we have been choosing some of the more exquisite recipes we have noticed that some of the meat is costing us a pretty large penny.  So this next week we are going to focus on getting food that is cheaper but primal, and doesn't have as many ingredients.  Omega-3 cage free eggs are going to be our main choice of eggs, after shopping around we found that to get the best prices on the foods we need, we will have to shop at exactly 4 different stores to get the best deal.

Just recently I have decided that I am going to start back up my Jui Jitsu classes to place my body into that primal state of survival 3 times a week, after rearranging our budget I will be able to do this and overall it will save us an extra $10 dollars a month.  2 days a week I will be continuing the primal fitness, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and planks (with variations).

So after my HIIT training on Thursday My calves are very sore.  Now they are not sore in the typical spot like they would be from doing calf raises,  they are sore just below the calf in a muscle that probably doesn't get worked out that much. I have always included calf exercises in my normal workouts but the soreness that I experienced from that exercise was only minimal compared to how they feel now.  I did 6 sets of pull-ups, 6 sets of push-ups (alternating pushup style, clapping, elevated), 5 sets of jump squats, and 5 sets of planks (side and straight). Was at the gym for 32 min.
Ok so I went to the store to get some sweets and came home with some 90% cocoa.  Well after taking the first bite of this stuff my craving was gone because this thing was gross.  I should of bought the 72% cocoa bar cause I know that tastes good to me. Well after last night I realized that I need to figure something else out for when my sweet tooth kicks in. So any suggestions for what I might be able to do during these cravings would be nice.   I plan on exercising when I get a craving,  bodyweight only exercises.  Alright I've made it half way through the week and I already feel pretty good about these changes.  I've went to the give did my Lift Heavy Things routine and my HIIT routine, and also walked at the Battlefield Mall for an hour.  Today for my walking we plan on going out to the Nature Center and walking there for an hour or more.  For dinner tonight I will be making the chili for the Primal Cookbook,  and I will post a picture of it on the photo gallery page later.
Ok so what I did for my 10 minutes of sprinting was this:
I did Intervals on the treadmill for 25 minutes:

2 min walk 2.7 mph incline 1
2 min sprint 7 mph
2 min walk 2.7 mph incline 1.5
2 min sprint 7 mph incline 1
2 min walk 2.7 mph incline 2
2 min sprint 7 mph incline 1.5
2 min walk 2.7 mph inline 2.5
2 min sprint 7 mph incline 2
2 min walk 2.7 mph inline 2
2 min sprint 7 mph inline 1.5
5 min cool down 2 mph incline 1

I have posted a poll on the Current News page about Straight Sprints vs Interval Sprints, please head to that page to post your suggestions.
Monday                -                Sprint
Tuesday               -                Lift Heavy Things
Wednesday         -                Walking/Hiking/Play             
Thursday             -                HIIT (To Failure)               
Friday                    -                Walking/Hiking/Play
Saturday               -                Lift Heavy Things
Sunday                  -                Walking/Hiking/Play

Lift Heavy Things #1
Barbell Squat, Barbell Bench Press, Barbell Bent Over Rows, Weighted Tricep Dips
All 5 sets x 5 reps
Lift Heavy Things #2
Barbell Deadlift, Standing Barbell Should Press, Chin Up Weighted, Barbell Squat to Shoulder Press
All 5 sets x 5 reps
HIIT (To Failure)
Pull Ups, Push Ups, Squat Jump, Plank

Walking/Hiking/Play is going to be done for 1h+ each time
Sprinting is for a total of 10 minutes of actual sprints
Well to start off my journey into the Primal lifestyle I purchased a cookbook published by Primal Blueprint Publishing, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.  I will be using this cookbook to prepare new recipes in the craft of the 21st century Hunter Gatherer. I have also purchased and installed a few apps for my android phone, Fast Paleo (over 2000 recipes), and Primal Paleo. I will be purchasing my food from many sources,  Walmart, Mama Jeans, Dillons, Spring Valley, and the Farmers Market, a few of these stores can only be found in my home town. If you would like to find a place to shop in your home town just look up on google Organic Grocers, or find out if you have a farmers market that host local  A few of the hardest things that will be tough to give up will be cheese, milk, and sweets. I am writing this blog to hold me accountable for my actions. My wife is pregnant and she will be doing this diet as well but with some slight modifications, Organic Dairy products, and a slightly easier exercise routine.  To keep track of my workout routine I am using the Google Play App Jefit Pro.  I don't consider myself overweight, but I could be healthier with what I eat and do for my life choices. I will update this blog every chance I get.
The purge is a complete removal of all non-primal items from your cabinets and fridge.  Don't think of it as a loss of money,  think of it as a change of life.  If you have friends that are not going primal then maybe you could donate all your food stuff to them.  I am sure they will enjoy free food,  who wouldn't, but if no one wants it then there should be a local shelter for you to donate to.  Good luck on the purge.
Ok so what is being primal, it is a way of living that is based on the paleolithic era of time.  To put is best you will need to take a look at the website below to read about Grok:
Here it will tell you about who Grok is, on this website if you also have time you can read more about the Primal way of living, even purchase a book that I too have come across, The Primal Blueprint.  On this website you can find recipes, forums to talk with other people about the Primal lifestyle, and many other ideas and suggestions that I will be mirroring to begin the Primal way of living.
Main points to understand about this way of living, you eliminate dairy (can have whole milk organic), all grains, and eat organic.  You need to try to do something fun everyday (can be playing with your kids), you need to Sprint for at least 10 minutes 1-2 times every 14 days, lift heavy things 1-3 times a week, and walk at a moderate pace for 2-5 hours a week.
Here below is a Interview posted on youtube with Mark Sisson the writer of The Primal Blueprint:
After viewing this Interview please post a comment about what you think is this hype or reality,  whether you might give this way of living a try, and any other comments or suggestions that you might have for me or anyone else that might be reading this blog.
While you are at check out the success stories and sign up for the free ebooks and newsletter to get some more knowledge about the Primal way of living.